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  paintings :1999.

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  paintings :1998.

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  paintings :1997.

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 digital paintings

  gallery.....   paintings.1996-97.


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    1.'black triangular diptych' 84"x84"x96" oil on marine ply        2. 'green triangular diptych, 84"x84"x96" oil on marine ply.

     3-97.jpg (36278 bytes) 3       4-97.jpg (37007 bytes) 4       10-97.jpg (404564 bytes)7. 

3.'red an green triangle' acrylic on paper.  4. 'red an blue triangle' acrylic on paper.  7.'pyramid with painted shadow'24"tall pyramid  

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5.'up in the balcony' 48"x72" oil on marine ply.   6-97.jpg (59831 bytes) 5'

7-97.jpg (84686 bytes) 6. 'cafe montegar, Bombay' 48"x72" oil on marine ply.

most of the work is not available